Member Testimonials

Jennifer B. - 10 month old twins

I don't know how I would have survived this first ten months with twins without TBAMoMs. Why? Here's just a few examples: Another single MoM by choice took me under her wing and mentored me. Two MoMs who are geographically close to us have twins the same age as mine and it has been such a gift to spend time with them. One MoM shared all her research with me when one of my babes wound up having severe reflux/colic. No one else really understands the trials and tribulations or the magnitude of love and joy that come with multiples. The Facebook page is testament to that - MoMs post daily about events, questions, give advice, and are at times just sounding boards for others. Layer on top of that the Swap Shop, where you can get/give/sell multiples gear and joining this group is truly a must for any mom of multiples.

Alina S. - 7 month old twins

TBAMoMs has been so special to me. As a new mom of twins, I enjoyed having other moms of multiples to relate to. They are all so kind, giving, and willing to give you advice on any twin matter. I love my TBAMoMs family. Joining this group has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since having the twins.

Emily P. - 2.5 year old twins

I absolutely love TBAMoMs and I am so happy I joined while I was pregnant. This group of women has helped me through so many different stages of multiple mothering. I couldn’t have done these past two years without this group. I have made great friends and had great times. Being on the Board has been so much fun and very rewarding. I love the moms nights out and look forward to them every month!

Amanda W. - 2 year old twins

I was first introduced to TBAMoms by a veteran MoM that I worked with. When she heard I was pregnant with twins and felt completely shocked and overwhelmed she said the biggest piece of advice she could give me was to join TBAMoMs because of the unlimited amount of support and resources. TBAMoMs was a lifeline to my introduction to multiples motherhood. While I was on hospital bed rest other MoMs offered support and encouragements and even visits. When my girls were born at 33 weeks and I had no preemie clothing for them, the MoMs preemie “borrow” closet came to the rescue. 

I have loved the special connection that I have  with so many other Moms that “just get it”.

Linda P. - 6.5 year old twins

My life just would not be the same without TBAMoMs. Having seasoned MoMs provide advice within seconds of posting on Facebook  is priceless. Now that I’m one of those seasoned MoMs, I’m happy to do the same.

April J. - 6 year old triplets

I joined TBAMoMs while I was pregnant with my triplets, after I met some twin moms at another mommies group. They told me I had to join, and gave me the names of all the triplet MoMmas. At one of my first meetings I got to sit at a table filled with triplet moms who shared their stories. I attended as many events as I could before my babies arrived, so I could meet people and have a good support group. After they were born, I attended Babies, Bumps, and Brunch with my babies and met other MoMs who were learning to parent multiples. One of them even gave me the encouragement I needed to start using the cloth diapers I had stockpiled while I was pregnant. The love, support, and friendship I have received from this group of women is beyond measure. Now that my kids are in elementary school, I enjoy the camaraderie of the moms with school-aged kids who have so much experience with navigating school and everything else that comes with having growing children. TBAMoMs has truly been a blessing to me and my family.